What Is The Police Support Association? 

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The Police Support Association began in Summer of 2016 when a group of local officers traveled to Dallas/Fort Worth to honor five fallen heroes.  They were overwhelmed by the horrible tragedy and inspired by the amazing support that the people of Texas.  

Believing that great good can come from great loss, we set out to create an organization that would allow the people of Champaign County to show their support for their law enforcement officers and for law enforcement officers to show their support for the people of this county.

The Police Support Association has three purposes:

  • to enhance the lives of Law Enforcement Officers by providing them with support and services or connecting them with existing support and services.
  • to support the families of Law Enforcement Officers in similar ways.
  • to give Law Enforcement Officers and their families opportunities to support and strengthen their communities through service.   

The Police Support Association is truly a county-wide organization.  Our members include active officers from every major agency in Champaign County, retired officers, the spouses and children of officers, friends and families of officers, and members of the community at large who believe that we can make our community stronger and safer by partnering with our law enforcement officers.  

Champaign County 


Champaign County Sheriff's Office

Champaign Police Department

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Fisher Police Department

​Gifford Police Department

Homer Police Department

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Illinois State Police, Zone 5

Ludlow Police Department

Mahomet Police Department

Parkland College Police Department

Rantoul Police Department

Thomasboro Police Department

Tolono Police Department

University of Illinois Police Department

Urbana Police Department